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Innovative, 100% effective and hypoallergenic personal hygiene products to help you feel good during your period 



Join over a million women worldwide who have chosen GENTLE DAY® products. Leave embarrassing rashes, annoying skin irritations, and other unpleasant sensations you might experience during your period behind.

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I was like many other women who hate their periods. I was constantly having yeast infections. But 12 years ago the love story between my period and I started with GENTLE DAY® pads. Now I am on a mission to bring harmony and balance to your period too...

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Innovation, comfort, and function are our main focus when developing new products. Here science meets nature for better hygiene, health protection, and freshness.

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Dermatological, skin patch and cytotoxicity tests as well as our clients’ reviews show no evidence of skin irritation. You won't find fragrances in any of our products. They all have a skin friendly pH and are OEKO-TEX®, VEGAN, Made for Health® and GOTS certified.

Tested & certified

"I love your products!! While using them my skin felt less sensitive, they hold well on heavy days! As soon as I ran out of pads and went back to regular products my skin was visibly irritated again within hours !!"

Kimberly Holand

"Wearing the last one now on my last day! They are great. Love the soft material & extra sealing on the pads. "

Laguana Smith